"Reducing working hours, with equal pay, can work as a lever to redistribute wealth and increase...
2019-04-11 13:14:16
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INPS: reduction of working hours to increase employment

"Reducing working hours, with equal pay, can work as a lever to redistribute wealth and increase employment". This was stated by Pasquale Tridico , president of INPS, during the inaugural lecture of the 2018-2019 academic year of the Master in Economics of Wisdom, entitled: "Inequalities in financial capitalism".

"In Italy we have stopped at the last reduction in hours since 1969, there have been no reductions for 50 years and it should be done. Productivity increases must be distributed either with wages or with an increase in free time. With this reduction would increase employment , "he added.

"Inps? Fantastic place" According to its president, Inps " is a truly fantastic place , where there are people who work from morning to night. Tireless and with the conviction of their social mission of closeness to the weak ". "Here is the INPS - he continued - is the right place to talk about these issues, its mission is to redistribute both in generational terms and in terms of income. We come from a period, which is that of financial capitalism, with a cultural involution characterized by a punitive culture of the public, based on nothing, on no subject. There is nothing to show that reducing the welfare state, public employment and state intervention in the economy leads to greater growth. Within this model a certain media and policy culture has been inserted. We should learn a little more and understand the scientific messages that come from the academy and from research ".