Yesterday, at the Ebas, the bilateral craft sector body, consisting of unions and employers, was...
2019-04-11 13:24:33
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Safety at work: EBAS inaugurated

Yesterday, at the Ebas, the bilateral craft sector body, consisting of unions and employers, was inaugurated, the regional training course for 30 workers' representatives for territorial security, from the 9 Sicilian provinces. The aim of the course is to guarantee safety in the workplace , by making available to the 22 thousand artisan businesses and their 50 thousand employees, qualified technicians who act as support in the field of prevention and protection from risks.

Students will receive a 64-hour training from INAIL staff at the institute's headquarters. "We are very proud of our initiative - says Cetty Grasso, president of Ebas -, aimed at giving a new, very important tool to businesses. Thanks to the activities of the Rlsts, and to the dissemination of good practices and culture in terms of safety and health in the workplace, we expect to be able to achieve a significant reduction in the number of workplace accidents ”.

As Dr.Carlo Biasco, regional director of Inail Sicily, according to the statement from Ebas, an accident also occurred to one person, for a small artisan company, represents a real disaster, because every single professionalism is often indispensable for the entire production cycle and therefore the whole company will go into crisis. Furthermore, it is absolutely not negligible the human point of view for the injured person, for his family and for the entrepreneur who often establishes close personal relationships with his collaborators.

"Together, trade unions and employers demonstrate that they are capable of giving an answer to the problem of injuries and support for health in the workplace", says Leonardo Manganelli, coordinator of OPRA Sicilia, the Ebas territorial safety organization.